Collage of people working out, with text "Keep your workout routine going. CBD can help."Collage of people working out, with text "Keep your workout routine going. CBD can help."

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Chef Serena Poon's Favorite ProductsChef Serena Poon's Favorite Products

Chef Serena Poon's Favorite Products

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Customer Favorites

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About Our Products

CBD Oils

Our CBD Oil Tinctures start with high-quality 100% hemp extract at the base, then are blended with MCT coconut oil and other complimentary ingredients to boost delivery and efficacy. Our wide range of offerings, including both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils, liposomal oil and USDA certified organic hemp extract, ensures there is something for everyone. All our CBD oils are vegan, gluten-free with zero harsh solvents or toxic chemicals.

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CBD Capsules

Our CBD Capsules, made with high-potency, non-GMO organic hemp, are the perfect way to get just the right amount of CBD every time. Blended with unique ingredients to target specific solutions, we offer CBD capsules for inflammation and antioxidant support, body comfort, stress or just daily wellness. All of our capsules are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free of synthetic colors and fragrances.

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CBD Topicals

Did you know you can also enjoy the benefits of CBD through the skin? Our CBD topicals, made with 100% organic hemp, are cruelty-free, 100% plant-based, non-GMO and vegan. We combine more body and skin-loving ingredients like capsaicin, copaiba and essential oils to enhance the benefits you receive with each application. With a variety of formats and strengths, our CBD gels and balms are great for all skin types and perfect for boosting skin vibrancy or providing more localized comfort.

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