Health Effects of Cannabinoids

Can You Travel With CBD Oil? Road Warriors and Jet Setters Weigh In

Travel is stressful. Whether you’re going by plane, train, boat, or even car, it’s not hard to dread moving between point A and point B and the journey it takes to get there. Everything from delays to turbulence to traffic jams and long TSA lines can get nervousness and frustration climbing in no time.

June 25, 2019

Known and Potential Side Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD has few side effects and is considered a safe substance to take. These are the known side effects of CBD

June 5, 2019

Anandamide 101: The Body’s Bliss Molecule

Although modern medical science has come a long way over the past several decades, there are still important breakthroughs happening every day. While scientists continue to research the various things that make us tick, there’s still so much to learn even after the initial medical discovery.

June 4, 2019

CBD Oil for Seniors: Wellness Support for the Golden Years

Looking for a little extra wellness support as you near and enter into retirement? People of all ages are turning to non-psychoactive CBD oil to support their overall wellness… including seniors.

May 23, 2019

Are CBD and Hemp Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers are interested in the concept of turning to hemp or CBD products during pregnancy in order to control the signature unpleasant symptoms that come along with it. But since medical professionals do not recommend the use of CBD during pregnancy, is hemp oil safe?

May 14, 2019

Meet the Ambassadors: Diane “V” Capaldi, The PaleoBOSS Lady

Diane “V” Capaldi, the PaleoBOSS Lady, is a Paleo Ambassador, speaker, educator, encourager, and holistic lifestyle expert who’s been touring the U.S. since 2016. She dedicates her life to serving the communities she comes into contact with on a daily basis.

February 21, 2019

CBD Terpenes: Their Role and What They Are

 In the world of CBD, we speak and write often about the compounds that naturally occur in the industrial hemp plant, like cannabinoids and terpenes. But what are CBD terpenes, and what is their role?

January 23, 2019

How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work?

Individual response to cannabidiol (CBD) is just that: completely individual from one person to the next. So how long does it take for CBD oil to work? Do some people respond more quickly than others?

January 16, 2019

Athletes Leading The Charge on CBD

If you watched a press conference following a televised sporting event and you saw the star athlete using CBD while answering questions, how would you react?  Many knee-jerk reactions could trigger questions about the substance used and its legality.

November 12, 2017

5 Ways To Identify High Quality CBD

Finding high quality CBD can be a challenge. Using these 5 ways to identify the best quality CBD , you can ensure that you only purchase a high quality CBD product. there are many inferior hemp oi/CBD oil products which will not deliver the full benefits compared to a high quality CBD product.

September 26, 2017

Why Paleo Loves CBD

The Paleo diet goes by one simple question: What would a caveman eat? The diet prioritizes nutritional sources our hunter-gatherer ancestors most likely consumed: fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and nuts. “By following these nutritional guidelines, we put our diet more in line with the evolutionary pressures that shaped our current genetics, which positively influences health and well-being,” says Loren Cordain, PhD, professor of health and exercise science at Colorado State University and author of The Paleo Diet.

September 23, 2017

CBD and Sleep: How to Get Better Sleep Without Sleep Aids

Many people ask the question: How can I get better sleep? We recommend trying CBD oil as a sleep enhancer. Studies have shown that CBD oil can help you get better sleep. Learn more about the effects of CBD on your sleep.

September 15, 2017