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Can CBD Oil Help With Sleep? 3 Nighttime Routines for Better ZZZs

Can CBD Oil Help With Sleep? 3 Nighttime Routines for Better ZZZs

April 9, 2019

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, you aren’t alone. Whether you struggle to fall asleep at night or get enough good quality sleep, you’re actually in the majority of American adults. According to Consumer Reports, about 80% of Americans report having difficulties with sleep at least once per week.

There are a number of different issues that can impact your sleep at night--or your lack thereof--ranging from persistent stress or frustrating physical discomforts. CBD oil can help manage some of these concerns and prepare you for some solid rest in the process. Let’s take a look at how.

1. Wind Down for the Evening

Most people will benefit from a predictable evening routine, and with our always-on-the-go society, it can help to have a clear pre-bed game plan to help you wind down.

As you’re starting to get ready for bed, find a few quiet activities that you enjoy to minimize stimulation, preferably those that avoid screens. Blue light (which can come from phones, computers, and even TVs) can disrupt melatonin and make it more difficult for you to fall asleep, so avoid it for at least two hours before bed. Options like reading a book, coloring, playing a game with your family, or doing a puzzle are all good choices.

A cup of tea is also a great way to wind down. Add a half dropper of our Daily Balance Tinctures for an extra calming effect. Make it part of a routine so it starts to trigger that wind-down response quickly.

2. Kick Nighttime Nervousness to the Curb

It’s common for people who experience anxiety to carry those worries with them into the evening, making it difficult for them to either fall asleep or sleep well, contributing to sleeplessness issues. It’s hard to drift off to sleep, after all, if you can’t turn off your brain.

CBD can help with these temporary moments of nervousness, making it easier to gain control of your thoughts and helping you relax enough to sleep well. The CBD oil can be partnered well with a little bedtime yoga or meditation to calm your mind further and get you ready for a solid night’s rest.

3. Relax Your Muscles Before Bed

If you’re physically uncomfortable, it will be hard to get proper rest. It’s never fun trying to sleep when it hurts to roll over in bed.

Relax your muscles before bed with a quick massage using our topical Hemp Balm, soothing discomfort. You can apply the balm directly to the affected areas. You could also opt for CBD capsules, which provide relief that will last long enough to let you get the sleep you need.

If you regularly experience middle-of-the-night leg cramps that wake you, consider adding more potassium-rich foods in your diet, which can reduce the cramps. Foods like bananas, gold potatoes, and spinach are all good choices.

Healthy Lifestyles and Quality Sleep Go Hand-In-Hand

Sleeplessness can have a significant impact on your overall health and your quality of life, but your daily life can start to impact your sleep, too. Stress, overwork, lifestyle, and poor time management can all keep you lacking in the sleep department.

In addition to adding our CBD oil products to your evening routine, there are a few changes that you can make in your life to improve your quality of sleep.

These include:

  • Put aside plenty of time for sleep. If you’ve got a million things on your to-do list, you could end up cutting into your sleep time when your kid needs cupcakes for a last-minute bake sale or your boss needs a little extra help with a project. Make sure that you have plenty of time to get sleep, and plenty of time to wind down in the evening.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise will improve your overall health, and it can help expend excess nervous energy from stress by releasing endorphins. Aerobic exercise has also been shown to increase the amount of slow-wave sleep we get, which is the deep sleep that rejuvenates us.
  • Eat plenty of nutrient-rich foods. Foods like potassium will prevent muscle cramps, and nuts, fruits, and warm milk contain trace elements of melatonin that may facilitate sleep. Eating nutrient-dense foods will also give you the energy to get through the day at hand.