CBD for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets!

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CBD for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets!

The lion’s share of research and anecdotal reports on the potential nutritive benefits of CBD-rich hemp extracts involve or are aimed at humans, but did you know that CBD for dogs can be beneficial too? One recent report from Australia could bring yet more hope to those of us who want to keep our “fur kids” alive and healthy for as long as possible.

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Source: UnionMaminia

Paul Lawrence, a resident of Wollongong, a city just south of Sydney, had been aware of the possible benefits of hemp for a long time. This is still illegal in Australia, as legal forms of access have not yet been established. Old age had begun to affect his 15-year-old Staffy, Ellie, who has been his much-loved companion for many years. She was suffering from severe conditions, loss of appetite, and poor sleep, but Lawrence refused to give up on her just yet.

Although Australian vets still do not recommend the use of hemp extracts, he began to give her cannabidiol (CBD)-rich, but THC-free, hemp oil, which therefore gives no “high” to the user. She was then back to running around the backyard, back to eating, and back to sleeping normally. “We don’t need more research – more trials – we need action”, Lawrence stated, as this month in his state, it was just announced that only children with specific severe conditions would soon be able to access CBD through the Australian health system. Already available in the USA, dog treats with cannabinoids are marketed for temporary symptoms of inflammation (which are currently unavailable in Australia, but we are working on it).

“I feel like I have a whole new dog”, said Kelly Conway, a US woman using CBD for dogs.

From other testimonials, it seems as though hemp extracts could work for cats, too. While owner Rose Easterling was once very skeptical about using hemp, she has since stated that her 14-year-old cat, Annabelle, appears to feel more like herself again.

Effects of cannabinoids

The effects that Lawrence saw in Ellie are not completely unknown to research. CBD has demonstrated analgesic properties in multiple studies, meaning relief from temporary symptoms without affecting cognition, as well a anti-inflammatory properties3. Some inflammatory substances that CBD may reduce, including TNF-alpha, also reduce appetite4, an issue seen in Ellie that resolved after hemp extract administration. Other cannabinoids, such as CBC and CBG, have also shown anti-inflammatory properties, with CBG showing a greater ability to suppress the inflammatory enzyme known as lipoxygenase than THC3. Additionally, some terpenes present in hemp, such as beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene and alpha-pinene, have been found to possess anti-inflammatory properties through several different mechanisms.

Other animals may benefit from CBD too

It is not only humans and lab rats that are known to possess the endocannabinoid system necessary for hemp extracts to have an effect; it has also been found in dogs, cats, turtles and even sea urchins!5. While more scientific research is needed on supplementing pets with hemp extracts, the anecdotal reports continue to accumulate as awareness of the benefits of hemp products for animals grows.

We are convinced that CBD for dogs, cats and other pets will provide them will restore their bodies to homeostasis, just like ours. Check out our range of CBD products and find one suitable for your beloved pet.

August 10, 2016