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Certificates of Analysis


Find the batch test for your product by entering the lot number below. Every batch is quality-tested for purity and contaminants.

Since our very first CBD tincture was hand labeled, we have been at the forefront of consumer transparency. We have always published detailed CoAs, been clear about where our ingredients were sourced and done our due diligence to ensure the partners we have share our values. Our customers rely on our products to improve their wellness and we take that job seriously. We answer every question. We research every detail. Because our ability to continue bringing cannabinoid products to the world is only achievable if our consumer choose us and trust us on their journey to wellbeing.

Daily Balance Tincture - Natural (4000 mg)
Daily Balance Tincture - Natural (1000 mg)
Daily Balance Tincture - Winter Mint (1000 mg)
Daily Balance Tincture - Winter Mint (133 mg)
Extrato Rico Em CBD Canabidiol (5000 mg)
Good Night 2ct Capsule Sachet
Omega Turmeric Capsules (60ct)
Good Night Capsules (10pk/2ct)
Stress Less Capsules (60 ct)
Omega Turmeric Capsules (30ct)
Daily Balance Capsules (10pk/2ct)
Body Comfort Capsules (10pk/2ct)
Elixinol Legacy Oils
Elixinol Legacy Oils
Daily Balance Liposomes (1000 mg)
CBD Liposome Hemp Extract 1000mg – Citrus Twist
Respira Hemp Oil 300mg - Natural Flavor CBD Oil
Hemp Balm - 125mg
CBD Liposome Hemp Extract 300mg – Citrus Twist
CBD Tincture 3600mg - Natural
Elixinol Legacy Capsules
Elixinol Legacy Capsules
Daily Balance Capsules (30 ct)
Extra-Strength CBD Capsules (1350 mg)