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Does CBD help with inflammation?

CBD + Antioxidant

Free radicals are at the heart of what causes our bodies natural inflammatory response. And the best tool we have to fight these are antioxidants – nature’s powerhouse protectors. Elixinol’s Omega Turmeric CBD Capsules focus on this core benefit – to support optimal antioxidant function.

Omega Turmeric CBD Capsules from ElixinolOmega Turmeric CBD Capsules from Elixinol

Omega Turmeric + Sports Gel Bundle

This powerhouse duo is packed with powerful comfort and antioxidant ingredients specifically chosen to help fight inflammation and support the daily function of an active lifestyle. Omega Turmeric Capsules support healthy antioxidant function - with full-spectrum CBD, Curcumin from Turmeric and DHA, while our Sports Gel CBD Topical, crafted with 1000mg broad-spectrum hemp, is perfect for more localized benefits. 

Omega Turmeric Capsules (CBD+DHA+Turmeric) & CBD Sports Gel Bundle for Recovery and InflammationOmega Turmeric Capsules (CBD+DHA+Turmeric) & CBD Sports Gel Bundle for Recovery and Inflammation
Sports Gel Ingredients CBD Topical for Active BodiesSports Gel Ingredients CBD Topical for Active Bodies

What are antioxidants & how do they impact inflammation in the body?

Have you heard a lot about the benefits of antioxidants over the past few years, but may not be exactly clear on what they are or what they do? You're not alone - but we're here to help. Most simply, antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body.

Easy enough. But what are free radicals and why should you care? Free radicals are the compounds at the heart of what causes our bodies natural inflammatory response. When the body detects higher-than-normal levels of free radicals, it triggers an inflammatory response to fight these free radicals - increasing production of white blood cells, immune cells and cytokines to bring the body back to health. At high levels, they can lead to discomfort, feeling sluggish or irritable, and have been linked to various illnesses and diseases.

Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Stay active

Regular exercise is essential to maintaining overall health and wellness. But that doesn't mean you need to become a bodybuilder to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits. According to a 2017 study, just 20 minutes of movement reduces inflammatory blood markers. So whether it's walking your dog each morning or even a stroll around the block at lunch or after dinner, try to aim for at least 20 minutes of movement as often as you can to keep free radicals at bay.

Tips to Reduce Inflammation - Regular ExerciseTips to Reduce Inflammation - Regular Exercise

Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Change your diet

What you put in your body matters. And while that may seem like an obvious statement, when it comes to inflammation, specific foods can really make an impact on the way your body feels and functions. Try to incorporate foods naturally rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, fatty fish and spices, while decreasing consumption of foods that can trigger inflammatory responses like dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol.

Tips to Reduce Inflammation - Balanced DietTips to Reduce Inflammation - Balanced Diet

Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Catch some ZZZ's

Losing sleep is one of the easiest ways to throw of the body's equilibrium. Sleep deprivation has been linked to complications with memory, energy levels, mood and can even cause inflammation. Having trouble getting the recommended 7-8 hours? Try adopting some better sleep techniques into your nightly routine.

Tips to Reduce Inflammation - Get Better SleepTips to Reduce Inflammation - Get Better Sleep

Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Manage your stress

Like sleep, stress levels seriously impact the way your body feels and functions. High cortisol levels are known to trigger inflammatory responses within the body which, if left untreated, can cannibalize any anti-inflammatory efforts you're adopting into your daily lifestyle. To keep stress levels in check, try incorporating 10 minutes of daily meditation, exercise or even just catching up with a friend. PS, CBD can also help.

Tips to Reduce Inflammation - Manage StressTips to Reduce Inflammation - Manage Stress

Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Add in antioxidant supplements & boosters

While all of these lifestyle improvements are easy to say, real life execution is a bit trickier. Let's face it, sometimes life gets in the way of the things we need to do to maintain good health. If you're having trouble finding the time and resources to make some of these lifestyle changes, it's okay to seek a little extra support. Incorporating supplements packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like Turmeric, DHA, Capsaicin (and even CBD) are a great way to keep your free radical levels in check.

Tips to Reduce Inflammation - Supplements with ingredients to Reduce InflammationTips to Reduce Inflammation - Supplements with ingredients to Reduce Inflammation