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Does CBD help with everyday aches and pains?

CBD + Comfort

Day in and day out, we ask a lot of our bodies – to walk, run, bend, lift and respond to the tasks of any given day. And all of that movement can take its toll. That’s why we’ve created Body Comfort CBD capsules with Boswellia, a tree resin shown to support healthy range of motion and inflammatory response.

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You put your body through a lot. Each and every day. Getting up, sitting, moving, thinking, feeling even during sleep - our bodies give us most of the freedom to do the things we ask of it, without any time off. Give back what your body puts out. Body Comfort CBD Capsules help your body function to do everything it does, but just a bit more comfortably.

Improve mobility, joint health and comfort with Body Comfort CBD CapsulesImprove mobility, joint health and comfort with Body Comfort CBD Capsules
Is CBD Oil good for joint health?Is CBD Oil good for joint health?

Is CBD Oil good for joint health?

The body goes through a lot, each and every day. So it’s no wonder that staying active throughout older age can pose some challenges. Aches, pains and stiff joints and muscles grow a bit more commonplace and threaten our ability to participate in activities enjoyed during our younger years. And while we haven’t found the secret fountain of youth or the solution to reverse the signs of again, there are some things that you can do to help.

Over the past few decades, more and more people of all ages, including seniors, are turning to non-psychoactive CBD products to support their overall wellness.

4 Key Habits for Better Mobility

Stretch, stretch, stretch

Stretching is one of the most important elements when discussing mobility and joint health. Our muscles are connected throughout our entire body, helping to support joints, bones and overall, how our body moves. They behave like rubber bands, expanding and contracting with movement. When we don’t stretch, our muscles range of motion remains static and then eventually begins to constrict. Regular stretching helps to combat this and increase flexibility so your body can move (and feel its best).  For extra benefit, add in massages and foam rolling into your stretching routine.

How stretching helps to increase mobilityHow stretching helps to increase mobility

4 Key Habits for Better Mobility

Keep moving with low-impact exercises

While stretching is technically considered exercise (think yoga), there are plenty of other low-impact exercises you can do to help your body move better. Swimming is a wonderful workout that’s easy on joints and great for those just getting started with a new exercise routine. Don’t have access to a pool or nearby body of water? No problem. Walking is also a great way to increase mobility. Whichever exercise you choose, be sure not to forget our first point of stretching. Warm up properly, stretch before your workout and cool down after your workout is complete.

Better sleep for less stressBetter sleep for less stress

4 Key Habits for Better Mobility

Integrate natural supplements

Another great addition to aid in mobility and joint health is adding in a natural supplement. Natural supplements utilize benefits of plants, spices and other naturally occurring organisms to help aid in comfort, mobility, joint health and much more. CBD has naturally occurring antioxidant properties that are perfect to integrate into your daily routine. Want even more benefits? Look for supplements that feature antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric or boswellia.

CBD supplements for mobility and joint healthCBD supplements for mobility and joint health

4 Key Habits for Better Mobility

Consistency is key

Like many roads to improved wellness, it’s imperative to practice these habits regularly and keep with them. Improvements in mobility and flexibility take time and regular care in order to maintain and see big changes. That said, every step forward is one in the right direction. Ready to start seeing improvements? Don't wait, start today. Get up, get started and get moving towards a better you!

Consistency and routine is key for improving mobilityConsistency and routine is key for improving mobility