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Can full spectrum CBD oil improve sleep?

CBD + Sleep

Sleep. The critical time when we rest our minds and let our body recharge and recover. But too often, getting to sleep and staying asleep can be hard. Elixinol’s Good Night CBD Capsules are designed to help with just that – improving sleep cycles for a more tranquil night’s rest. Check out our blog for more information about CBD and sleep.

Put Yourself on Sleep Mode

Good Night CBD Capsules blend 15mg full spectrum CBD oil with low dose melatonin to help you get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up ready to face the day. Our proprietary blend of CBD and Melatonin allows you to find your right serving size to calm a racing mind, support health sleep cycles and your own circadian rhythm.

Good Night CBD Capsules (CBD+Melatonin)  For Better SleepGood Night CBD Capsules (CBD+Melatonin)  For Better Sleep
The importance of good sleep. CBD + Melatonin CapsulesThe importance of good sleep. CBD + Melatonin Capsules

The importance of sleep

While we often think of sleep as the time our bodies shut down, in reality, sleep is critical to our bodies recovering and repairing. Furthermore, sleep is also thought to be the key to solidifying and consolidating memories. So it is no wonder that after nights of restless sleep we are achy and struggle to recall properly.

Both CBD and Melatonin have been show to help support natural sleep. CBD oil promotes relaxation and eases a racing mind allowing sleep to come more easily while melatonin directly supports sleep cycles and staying asleep.  That’s why when CBD oil and melatonin are combined, these ingredients are able to take on the top two most frequent sleep issues.


3 Key Habits for Improved Sleep

Shut Down Screens

Smartphones, tablets and TVs all emit a shortwave blue light that interferes with our natural creation of melatonin – the hormone that modulates our sleep cycles and circadian rhythm. And while you may think you are in the clear because you have Night Shift switched on, that doesn’t change the fact that screen time also causes active brain waves rather then calming our minds. Our addiction to technology is one reason natural sleep aids like CBD and Melatonin are a good option to support healthy sleep. 

Decreasing screen time for better sleepDecreasing screen time for better sleep

3 Key Habits for Improved Sleep

Stick to a schedule

Much like a toddler, an adult sleep routine can improve our ability to fall and stay asleep. By going to sleep at the same time every night (+/- 30 mins) we can get our brains trained to sleep. This schedule can be improved by avoid caffeine late in the day, reducing alcohol intake and snacking late into the evening. So prep your tea, grab a book and unwind for 30 minutes before you aim to sleep. Do try it for a week or two and watch the z’s float in. 

Bedtime Routine - Read a book and drink tea for better sleepBedtime Routine - Read a book and drink tea for better sleep

3 Key Habits for Improved Sleep

Support good habits with natural sleep aids

A natural sleep aid can help support your routine and make a predictable sleep schedule more achievable. Elixinol’s Good Night CBD capsules can be taken 30 minutes before bedtime in order to calm you mind and promote a tranquil nights sleep.


Shop natural sleep aid Good Night CBD Capsules for a better night's sleep.

Elixinol Good Night CBD Capsules - Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and Melatonin Natural Sleep AidElixinol Good Night CBD Capsules - Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid