CBD for Stress

CBD for Stress

CBD Stress Less CapsulesCBD Stress Less Capsules

Stress is a part of daily life. Effectively managing it should be too. Our Stress Less CBD Capsules deliver relief naturally – with full-spectrum CBD & ashwagandha. Because even occasional stress deserves regular care.


Woman doing meditation and yogaWoman doing meditation and yoga

Take Control of Your Stress

Now, more than ever, managing stress can be tricky. Our Stress Less Capsules deliver relief from stress, naturally. Read more tips on how to keep your cool below. 

3 Ways to Instantly Stress Less

Elixinol Stress Less Meditation IllustrationElixinol Stress Less Meditation Illustration

Tip #1 - Meditate

Meditation may not seem like your thing, but there’s a reason celebrities and CEOs alike make it a part of their daily routine – because it works.

Want to meditate but don't know how to start? Watch our guided meditation on IGTV>

Elixinol Stress Less Sleep IllustrationElixinol Stress Less Sleep Illustration

Tip #2 - Catch some ZZZ's

It may be tricky – but enforcing a strict bedtime every night to ensure you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep is one of the easiest ways to keep stress levels balanced.  

Have trouble getting to sleep? Try listening to one of our playlists on Spotify.

Elixinol Stress Less Listen to Music IllustrationElixinol Stress Less Listen to Music Illustration

Tip #3 - Listen to Music

Did you know playing music can lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol (the hormone linked to stress)? So turn on your favorite tune, sit back and relax.

For ultimate relaxation, try listening to tracks of ocean sounds - which you can find on our Spotify playlists.

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