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Immune support starts in the gut.

Introducing Immune Gut Health: the first CBD capsule with the power of Ginfort™.

The unique combination of full-spectrum hemp extract and Ginfort’s concentrated ginger actives supports a healthy immune system.

Gut-check: 80% of your Immune System is in the GI tract.

Think about it — everything you consume travels through your gut. Including foods, and everything else. Your gut is your first line of support. A healthy gut will help maintain a healthy balance in the body. Take care of your gut — and take care of yourself.

The power of Ginfort™

Ginger has been used for wellness and dietary purposes for centuries. Its antioxidant properties are well known, and it also supports your immune system. Ginfort™ is a super-concentrated ginger extract — with 13 times more ginger actives than traditional ginger powders. So you can take less, and get more.

Support your immune system with new Immune Gut Health — the only capsule with CBD and Ginfort™.

Ginfort is a trademark of Olene Life Sciences Private Limited.

Dolcas Biotech LLC is the exclusive licensee of GinFort™.