Hemp Protein Powder 18oz

We use only organic hemp grown in Canada and Northern Europe for some of the world’s finest wholefood hemp seed and protein powder. Our products are the perfect balance of good taste and good nutrition.

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Whether you’re a bodybuilder or just like to stay in shape, hemp wholefoods are an important part of any diet. A powerful and well-rounded nutritional food, Hemp Protein Powder contains fiber, protein, omegas and all the essential amino acids. Add our Hemp Protein Powder to power drinks or smoothies. Sprinkle over yogurt and breakfast cereal. Use in your favorite recipes for a super protein boost!

  • Raw, natural, whole food made with only one ingredient – organic hemp!
  • Tastes great
  • Easy to mix and blend
  • Plant based protein – great for vegan and vegetarian diets

Vegans and vegetarians are challenged to get enough protein. Hemp protein powder is concentrated protein. We shell our quality hemp seeds through a no-heat mechanical process that lets you enjoy them without sacrificing nutritional benefits. This whole food with its raw nutrition, rich nutty flavor and tender crunch is a must-have on hand!

Hemp Protein is an excellent source of:

  • Complete protein
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Essential fatty acids (Omega 3)

Our Hemp Protein Powder is an incredibly powerful well-rounded nutritional food. It contains protein, fiber, omegas and all the essential amino acids. Right there on the label. Add a serving to power drinks and smoothies. Sprinkle it over yogurt, breakfast cereal or use it in bread and other recipes for a super protein boost. Vegans and vegetarians are challenged to get daily protein, but hemp protein powder provides it in concentrated form.